Tree of Life – Winter Versions

Lately I have really gotten into making tree of life pendants.  I’ve done some looking around at websites that sell these pendants and have found many versions of this type of jewelry.  Some pendants feature birthstones and others use various gemstones that resemble leaves.  With the pendants that I have been making I try to explore how trees can show time.  With each season that passes the look of the trees around me change.  To express the essence of spring I use pastel crystals.  Summer is shown with deep green chip beads eluding to the full branches of leaves.  Fall the beads are red and orange.  When I got around to creating a winter tree pendant I wanted to fill the wire branches with something.  Thinking of winter and what would look good on trees I think of the branches covered in snow with christmas lights, their shining colors reflecting on the white white snow.  My first pendant was more than a success.  Shown above are six variations of the snow laden trees.  Each one is slightly different in one way or another.  I hope to find homes for each other them before winter has passed.

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